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Honey O’Sullivan

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Honey Paw on Couch

Honey O'Sullivan

Therapy Dog

Honey, a golden retriever, has woven her way into the hearts of many as a remarkable therapy dog. Beginning her journey in puppy group training classes, her innate ability to offer solace through touch therapy quickly emerged. Guided by her dedicated owner Brittany, Honey's training evolved into personalized touch therapy sessions that have touched countless lives. With a velvety touch and intuitive presence, Honey's paw on a hand or a comforting lean offers a profound source of comfort and healing for those grappling with mental health challenges. Honey's impact extends far beyond her individual sessions, sparking collaborations with mental health professionals and community initiatives. Her story is one of boundless empathy and the potent connection between human and animal. Schedule an appointment with her today! Or send an email or call/text: or 407-436-9593. If this is an emergency, please call 911.