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We take great pride in our integrity, knowledge, experience, and personal skills. Over the years we have helped hundreds of clients individually, thousands as a group. While we may claim to have “seen and heard” everything, the fact of the matter is that every client has a completely unique story to tell – including you.

At Lyon Counseling we work countless hours with our clients to help them reach inner peace and clarity with not only themselves, but those surrounding them. We would love to help you too!

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Jesse Lyon

Jesse Lyon is a licensed mental health counselor and owner of Lyon Counseling in Casselberry Florida.  He graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University with a Master’s of Science in Mental Health Counseling and has experience in substance abuse at The Salvation Army and with Autistic Spectrum Disorder during his time as a therapist with several Orlando based agencies, including OCA.  Although he is sought out for his work with teens and young adults, Mr. Lyon works with a variety of topics from marriage issues, depression and anxiety to questions of sexuality and identity.  When not at work, Jesse enjoys spending time with his wife on Disney dates, heading outdoors or playing the drums.

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Sherry Turner

With empathy, I engage each therapeutic relationship by modeling authenticity to  create safety and courage to disclose your story. Listening without judgment, I  seek to understand the world through your perspective. My objective is help  clients process struggles, explore causes, manage what can’t be changed, and  inner strength to make desired changes. Through collaboration, I practice a holistic, experiential, and insight oriented  therapeutic approach. As you commit to process your internal issues, I will guide  you to healthy productive ways of thinking and acting. You will find I am  respectful, culturally sensitive, and encouraging whereby facilitating brave space  allowing you to be truly seen and heard.

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Dulce Merida

Dulce is a Graduate Student Intern from Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBA). Dulce, along with her education at PBA, has also been a preschool teacher for the past nine years and has pursued training both in Mental Health Counseling and Play Therapy. Dulce has experience with young children, teenagers, young professionals, and parents. Dulce attended Florida International University in Miami, FL where she received her Bachelor’s in Psychology and Leadership. Dulce’s main goal in counseling is to work with clients to pursue authentic relationship with self and others. When not at work, Dulce enjoys spending her time with her family, pets, being outdoors, or watching a great show.  

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Bradley Mack

Hi, I’m Bradley. I am currently finishing my MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Palm Beach Atlantic University, where I also earned my undergraduate degree in Musical Theatre. Yes, you read that right – I was a theater major. Before going back to school for my masters, I performed professionally as an actor and singer throughout Central and South Florida as well as Los Angeles. Along with performing, I was also a teaching artist for several years where I taught elementary, middle school, and high school. I also worked for Disney Musicals in Schools where I helped build sustainable musical theater programs in title one elementary schools. I am also a dad of two, a lover of standards and  jazz music, a fitness enthusiast, and have a passion for making and drinking coffee. I specialize in anxiety and depression and know the benefits of therapy first hand. I connect with teens, adults, and the elderly.  I utilize talk therapy, narrative therapy, solution focus, CBT to help clients on their walk to continue their life story.

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Brittany O’Sullivan

Brittany O’Sullivan is a Graduate Student Intern from Palm Beach Atlantic University (PBA). Her passion is to work with children and adolescents using expressive arts to help aid them through traumas. Brittany has volunteered at Kids House of Seminole County where she gained first-hand experience helping children who had suffered from psychical or sexual abuse. Brittany attended the University of Central Florida where she received her Bachelor’s in Clinical Psychology. When not at work, Brittany enjoys spending her time in nature, listening to music, and playing with her golden retriever puppy named Honey.

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This is what our patients have to say about us…

Jesse is as real as it gets. He is extremely genuine, authentic, and caring. I always look forward to my sessions with him because I know that regardless of the problems I’m having, Jesse will help me navigate them. Highly recommend!

— Sara Parker

What I love about Jesse is that he’s unlike any other therapist I’ve had before. I have moved around the country quite a lot due to my occupation which means I have experienced therapists far and wide. Jesse has been my absolute favorite out of them all because he listens and understands.

— Joe Guerrero